What should I wear to my appointment?

You should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. If you are being seen for knee or back problems, a pair of shorts is recommended. For shoulder or neck issues, a tank top or sleeveless shirt is best.

How long are appointments?

An initial consultation typically takes 45 minutes, but you should expect the evaluation at the clinic to take an hour. Subsequent sessions typically run 45 minutes, but we will work with you to develop a schedule that meets your needs.


What will my therapist do on the first visit?

Your therapist will complete an initial evaluation during your first visit. The therapist will talk with you about your concerns, review your past medical history and medications you are taking, complete tests and measures, and discuss a plan of care to meet your goals. We are often able to provide some treatment within the initial evaluation to get you started on the path to feeling better.

What is my responsibility as a patient?

Therapy is a partnership, and your therapist can’t do it for you or without you! Follow through with home exercise programs and instructions from your therapist. Your recovery and success depend on it!

Will my physical therapist communicate with my doctor?

After the first visit, our therapist will send an evaluation summary to your doctor, along with progress notes every month/ten sessions. Please let your therapist know when your doctor appointments are, so we can send the most up to date information prior to your appointment.

What is a typical therapy session like?

Your plan of care may include specific exercises, soft tissue work and stretching, joint mobilization and manipulation, range of motion exercises, or you may be treated on specialized equipment such as the body weight support system. No single therapy session is like another, as each one is customized specifically to your needs.

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