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At Dragonfly Physical Therapy, our training philosophy involves a long-term approach to athletic development. We understand that you want to be performing at a peak level today, and also years down the road. It’s why we make injury prevention our top priority.

Specialty Treatments

Dry needling

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilizations

Video running analysis

Body weight support treadmill training

Selective functional movement assessment

Functional movement screen

Vestibular/ vertigo treatment

Strength and Conditioning

Hand Therapy

Lymphedema Therapy


As licensed physical and occupational therapists, we help bridge the gap between performance and injury prevention. When you come in for an initial consultation we’ll perform an evaluation to identify your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll analyze your daily activities, movement patterns, or sport to identify and develop a treatment plan tailored to help you to achieve your goals.

A program made for you.

We’ll create a customized program to address any deficiencies that put you at higher risk for injuries, including muscle imbalances, history of prior injuries, and preparation for the precise demands of your daily life. During physical therapy, we’ll focus on manual therapy to help you move better and performing all exercises to ensure you get the most out of your program today and into the future.

Performance Enhancement

In addition to physical therapy services, we also offer strength and conditioning performed by a licensed physical therapist. Our Performance Enhancement programs are designed to improve the five basic components of athletic success:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Explosive Power
  • Conditioning
  • Flexibility

Personalized Training Programs

You will work with your physical therapist to determine the best frequency and duration of physical therapy visits to help get you back to feeling your best! The initial consultation will be 45 minutes, at that time you will work with your physical therapist to develop a plan for future sessions.

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