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Personal, Hands-on Care

Dragonfly Therapy provides effective one-on-one physical therapy for people of all ages.  At Dragonfly Therapy, your therapist spends time learning about you and your needs – this is imperative.  Therapy is performed by dedicated, licensed, professional physical therapists until your goals are met and you are discharged.

Skills and Experience Provide Lasting Results

Your therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation during the first visit in order to develop a treatment plan that meets your goals.  We strive to achieve optimal outcomes for patients from every walk of life, even those with the most challenging impairments.

Trusted by Patients and Doctors

We work closely with your medical provider to achieve positive results. We believe this is part of why so many doctors refer their patients, family members, friends – and even come to Dragonfly Therapy themselves – for our high-quality, effective care.

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