About Us

Dragonfly Physical Therapy provides effective one-on-one physical therapy and occupational therapy for people of all ages, conditions, and athletic abilities.

Every Dragonfly relationship begins with a thorough understanding of you, your goals, and your needs. You will connect with a dedicated therapist and receive a personalized program designed to achieve your athletic or everyday goals. Every individualized session will be led by a licensed, professional physical therapist or occupational therapist, guiding you with expertise and compassion.

Your therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation during the first visit in order to develop a treatment plan that meets your goals. We are able to achieve optimal outcomes for patient’s from every walk of life, even those with the most challenging impairments.

Meet our caring staff

At Dragonfly Therapy we employ highly skilled therapists to assist you in reaching your goals. We do not have any technicians or aides on our staff. What this means is that your care will always be provided by a licensed physical therapist, occupational therapist, or physical therapy assistant in a one on one setting. Despite increasing challenges with healthcare insurance, we are dedicated to providing care to only one patient at a time to ensure the highest quality treatment and best patient experience!

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